Marvel Meme: Best One-Liners  [1/????]


i love the term “bear with me” because it could mean either 1 of 2 things:

  • asking someone to be patient
  • confirmation that the zoo heist was a success



Talk Clean to Me

white people are killing me



Six-Word Stories That Are Absolutely Heart-Breaking


Retro-style posters that were given out to the cast and crew of the Captain America films. I absolutely love these, and really wish they’d been the official one-sheets. The First Avenger poster is absolutely beautiful.


steve & bucky going to the grocery store, where bucky’s eyes go big at the plenty. you sure we can get anything we want? as much as we want? he asks, and steve answers with an excited yeah, yeah, anything you want and helps him load his arms with baked goods and fresh tropical fruit

steve & bucky going to a movie with FULL COLOR and SURROUND SOUND and bucky gets annoyed at first because where are the cartoons? where’s the news? and steve’s like i know, right?? but then they really really get into the sad love story that natasha had bought them tickets to and steve comes out of the theater with his face blotchy, eyes shiny, openly sniffling and bucky’s like you weiner and steve’s like shut up your eyeliner is running and bucky honest to god checks himself out in side mirror of a parked car before sprinting after a laughing steve, no it’s not you punk !!!

steve & bucky going to an amusement park together, and bucky keeps trying to goad steve onto the BIG DANGEROUS RIDES and steve just looks queasy and glares at him. they share a wad of cotton candy, where steve pulls it apart with sticky fingers but bucky just takes bites of it off the cone and they bicker about how the other is absolutely wrong and deviant in their method of eating. bucky getting super excited about playing the carnie games and steve trying to talk him out of it, it’s practically cheating, bucky, until bucky smirks at him, you chicken, steve?? don’t think you can outthrow me? and steve sets his jaw, oh you’re on now. they clean out the stand of stuffed animals and hand them out to ALL the passing children.

steve & bucky exploring the brave new world, the world that steve’s been drifting in for months, only now that they’re together, steve can finally start to see the color in it


I’m gonna scream


I’m gonna scream